Hentai kamen badge2

The official Alpha Males® logo.

The Alpha Males® are a pivotal faction in the Uber Elitists kingdom, the very organization responsible for creating the colossal space fortress, Handanal. They are in direct opposition with the Feminazis™, who are hellbent on making sure the Alpha Males® never thrive by constantly sabotaging its plans and monuments related to the group.

The Alpha Males® worship the great Hentai Kamen as its venerable deity, and have erected a statue in his honor.



Rival Factions

The Alpha Males® are in a seemingly endless war against the Feminazis, who think all males should die because of the way they abuse women. There has not been any evidence to the contrary, and the Alpha Males® have been on the warpath against them ever since. The Feminazis have lost a step and have been gradually losing the battle. As of August 2015 all Feminazi plotting and activity has ceased, leaving the Alpha Males® as champions and kings.

Known Members

- lordzeru (de facto leader)

- dietmango

- Nidhoeggr

- Ventris

- ZetaZaku

- Rarity (more Alpha Male® than the rest of the bunch)

- Haakonwale

- Popka

- ForgoneReality

- Ducat_Revel

- Neane1993 (RIP gangbanged by pirates, vikings, and knights. Twice.)

- Valkyrion

- SSC_Exin

- Reialgo

- Mikayla

- Metamorphius (threatened to turn every single Alpha into LCL if she was not included)

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