Animaus is Amberleh's transgender pet tortoise, who secretly guards her Revolutionary Fortress with unwavering resolve and extreme resilience from vicious creatures, all while being totally oblivious to his heroic deeds.


Amberleh created many familiars to keep from being lonely; other notable of her pets is a fire bird named Zazu. Animaus was the first ever familiar she created. She wished for the tiny tortoise to be the gentlest and most kawaiiest tortoise the universe has ever seen. Amberleh tried to create Animaus with sugar, spice, and everything nice, but accidentally dropped a full vial's worth of semen butter in the experiment. Little did Amberleh know that that was the key ingredient to Animaus' powers.

Revolutionary Secret Guardian

Amberleh notes that Animaus tends to wander around her Revolutionary Fortress; sometimes for weeks and months at a time. Amberleh always worries and cries herself to sleep every night her familiar tortoise is not by her side for hugs and kisses. Little does Amberleh know that Animaus has secret powers he uses to fight evil. Animaus has fought off the Chupacabra, has defeated Hister once in mortal kombat whilst riding a giant elephant triceratops, negotiated with Yeti terrorists, beat God Eagle in a drinking match, and challenged Satan to an epic arm wrestling match. And won. And broke Satan's arm. Like, dude had to leave Hell to go to the hospital for 6 months type of broken arm. After a while, Animaus returns to Amberleh's side, complete with battle scars he received from his many fights. Amberleh blissfully interprets this as poor Animaus being lonely in his adventures; as long as he makes her kokoro go dokidoki, Animaus is satisfied with it.

Skills and Abilities

Animaus is proficient in the art of ninjutsu, able to disguise his presence from Amberleh herself, a being known to sense life energies with great skill. Animaus plays the dumb, docile turtle who lazes about in his room every day to throw off her master and opponents; in reality Animaus will fuck you up. His fighting skill rivals that of Batman, and his strength has been able to break Satan's arm, putting him in the hospital for 6 months. Animaus also has an IQ of 999, though it has been disputed to be 999.99 by others. Animaus is able to transform into his true form at will.