The #1 absolute bastard child of Hitler himself. Is one of the four select few nominated to potentially lead the Fourth Reich of Germany.

Also known as Baki the Bonfire NEET of Santa Kurwa.


Nidhoeggr calls him Schluchtenscheißer, which roughly translates to "Ravine Shitter."

Back in Baki's glory days, he made a career of himself as the masked, nipple-exposed vigilante, the Bonfire NEET in his hometown of Santa Kurwa. He made it his ultimate mission to take down the black market of illegal knife skins, believing people should purchase their knives in a totally honest manner, even though it'll cost you rent money for the next month. The knife skin criminal underground put Baki in their most wanted list, hiring hitmen to take out the infamous Bonfire NEET once and for all.

In order to gain the upper hand, Baki stalked a hobo he believed was carrying an illegally-acquired tiger knife skin to murder his family. Baki then confronted the hobo with his exposed nipple, and the hobo ran away, leaving the weapon behind. Instead of a tiger knife skin, Baki held the legendary Zenithian Sword, rumored to have been forged by Lord Gebeng himself. It is said that whoever successfully wields the Zenithian Sword will rule over all knife skins for all eternity. As of this writing, Baki has yet to properly wield the weapon...

Skills and Abilities



- "You have to get into me, please."

- "It made me into a fucked me right up the bum."

- "I used to make strange sounds on it."

- "I don't mind [a loose dick]."

- "I don't mind [a loose pussy]."

- "AIDS is good."

- "I've got quite firm meat in general on me."

- "If you hate babie puppies just cause they are covered in piss you are awfully superficial."

- "No time for women, more CSGO."

- "I give up."

- "the older one said 'You'll never going to meet one if you stay at home and play CSGO all day tough' :D"

- "Italians have no redeeming qualities whatsoever."

- "I actually think I liked it a bit. Filthy pleb that I am."

- "My name is Baki, I am the Bonfire NEET of Santa Kurwa!"

- "I either play or I wank.

- "...bossom are tits right...?"

- "Cant roast me if I am already so hot..."


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