The greatest spy the Uber Elitists have ever seen, taking on the most dangerous missions all around the world; all in the name of Her Majesty. Little is known about British David, only that his name is supposedly David and he's British, but many speculate it's a code name for the real secret agent. His real identity is that of Reialgo, a fact that only the Princess and her subjects know about.


Many people believe the moniker 'British David' is just a code name so as to not give away the real agent's identity and keep their activities largely secret. Some have actually claimed they've encountered British David, though those people were never heard from again. Some dispute their actual credibility and believe British David is not real and merely propaganda created by the Uber Elitists to increase morale and attempt to scare its plebeian enemies of the state. In several people's minds, he is just an urban legend.

In reality, Reialgo is British David; a fact only the Uber Elitists inner circle know and guard this secret very well. Shortly after discovering the Uber Elitists, he was taken in by then Princess Emmrys, and immediately volunteered to become a member of the just newly formed Black Ops division. His reason was to gain the necessary skills to track and finally hunt down his former love, Lucina. Reialgo quickly rose through the ranks and became its top operative, adopting the nickname 'British David' soon after.

British David almost took town the David Trio's drug operations when he disguised himself as a David. He gained their trust, and actually made them believe he was an actual David. Of course, this was a ruse, as British David betrayed them and vowed to put the Trio to justice. It was futile, however, as dietmango became suspicious and planned ahead of time for their escape. The Trio had eluded British David ever since, but the shadow hunt continues.

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