Corwin_r is a retired Uber Knight living with ZetaZaku in the Uber Kingdom.


Corwin attained the rank of Colonel and single-handedly liberated a plebian city. Some rumors say Corwin kidnapped women and men alike to enslave them in his sex dungeon for his base amusement. The point was to have the best harem in the Uber Kingdom. He succeeded, as all Corwin's victims developed Stockholm Syndrome and vowed to serve Corwin day and night, 25/8.

Corwin and Zeta are roommates and share the same bed when they sleep, do happy, fun things, and marathon watch anime lolis getting raped until dawn. Though in some days, Corwin would lie down spread eagle on their special bed while Zeta sits on a chair after a hard day's work. And they continue to watch more anime females get rekt in the patootie.

Corwin's Harem


Skills and Abilities

Corwin is quite a skilled combatant, able to single-handedly liberate an entire city. It is implied he was well-respected and feared in the military; the fear part being Corwin's orientation as bisexual, as he had no reservations going after anyone. Corwin also contracted a very mutated strain of Ebola and lived. The Ebola, however, died.


HP: 57,548

Attack: 99,999

Defense: ???

Special Attack: ???

Special Defense: ???

Speed: ???


- "If you want to bring a downfall to civilization, you don't need drugs and conspiracies, just learn them how to play MMO's."

- "If I were that rich, I'd have 30 18 year old boys and girls lick my feet and armpits all day."

- "Only boys, girls, animals and objects of certain age are qualified for being in my rape dungeon."

- "What's the point of a hammer if you can't smash bitches with it?"