DEEN Glasses is a slice-of-life satirical novel that was written by Papa Wang in a desperate attempt to get people to watch Dennou Coil. It is unknown if it has had a profound effect or not. It was critically panned by critics, which also led to people who own glasses to burn their pairs in a fire. Except for metamorphius, who still has not read it.




DEEN Glasses currently has a rating of 1% in UberTomatoes, with an average score of 1/10 based on some number of reviews. Months after its release, it caused a worldwide panic and convinced people around the world to throw their pairs of glasses in a fire, never to be associated with again. Only metamorphius has not burned her pair of super cool glasses, because she is still the only one to have not read DEEN Glasses. She further stated "and I never will."

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