The virus of unknown origins; some say it was one of the oldest enemies of the factions of light, as well as one of the most dangerous. The mysterious Dumblr is sentient, able to thrive in dark space for millennia and sets off to ravage the universe when it's accumulated enough energy to engulf an entire galaxy. Amberleh once fought and defeated Dumblr, but a sliver of it latched on to her. For many years, the virus grew and gradually corrupted Amberleh; she then in turn created another version of herself to break away and disappear in a self-imposed exile.

Method of Madness

The Dumblr sentient virus latches on to an organism and feeds on the latter's blood and nutrients, slowly making its way to the brain. Dumblr then completely takes over, wipes their memories (this is later discovered as just stored somewhere and locked away) and randomly gives the host one of multiple archetypal identities to embrace, such as the SJW.

Dumblr spread so quickly that those who were infected built an organization (simply named 'Dumblr') and eventually became an legion of troops ready to exterminate and infect the free peoples of the world, all in the name of their Dumblr deity. Led by Corrupted Amberleh, Dumblr spread across the galaxy that the Uber Elitists could not ignore it any longer and decided to take action.

Dumblr Classes/Ranks

Apparently, the Dumblr army is a militarized faction consisting of multiple ranks and classes. Corrupted Amberleh sits at the top as its Supreme General. Here are the others:


The grunts of Dumblr. Extremely shallow views. Dangerous in numbers. Quick to pick a side they think will give them more SJ points to increase their SJ rank and be more noticed by senpai. 500 HP.


These poor beings' work were rejected by celebrities like Slateny Krubeck that their mental state decreased, creating twisted fantasies of their favorite series. Very effective as ranged units. Weak in close quarters combat. 300 HP.

Porn Bloggers

The most useless unit in the Dumblr army. All they show you is porn. So if you already have a resistance to it, they fall apart. 69 HP.


Super obsessed with My Loli Pony. Goes in berserk mode every time the former is brought up in a very unflattering way. Melee-focused class. Best dealt with spoiling the end of My Loli Pony. 400 HP.


I don't even.


Same as above.

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