Hail Princess Emmrys

Kind and wise but at times can be brutal and merciless, Noble Queen Emmrys rules the Uber Mermaid Kingdom with an iron fist but with a warm heart. Since her induction in the Uber Elitist Club, Emmrys has been referred to as "Uber Princess," and notable for being the original princess, long before ihateeveryone became mahou shoujo royalty in her own right. She ruled the Uber Kingdom for some time, but gave up her royal duties and left on a journey to the unknown; she has since disappeared and nobody knows her current whereabouts.

Ruler Of the 20,000 Seas

Queen Emmrys controls all 20,000 seas in every available planet in every galaxy. Even the brightest and hottest of stars have water; each is equipped with a temperature regulator that can turn ice cold even in the most uninhabitable vessels in the universe. Because of the sheer number of seas she owns, countless brave space sailors have scattered across the streams in search of the Noble Princess's underwater utopia; none have been successful. Nor have any of them survived their voyages.

It is only when the mother of all beings, Amberleh, successfully found Emmrys' Kingdom -- the first and currently only being to ever do so. The Princess was so impressed with the revolutionary find that she immediately declared Amberleh her "Onee-sama" and vowed to follow her anywhere. It is here when Princess Emmrys and her mighty Kingdom became a part of the ever expanding family that is the Anime Uber Elitist Club.

Knights of the Uber

Because of her many admirers in the club, Emmrys formed the Uber Knights to keep them busy. The Uber Knights training is infamous for its difficulty and a 1% pass rate. Very few have been successful, as the Princess rarely sees much untapped potential in the millions of fools who take the test. Meta Hellsing, Håkon Wale, and Alabastre are her first knights; the latter two eventually become the commanders of the Uber Knights, having proven themselves to the Princess by conquering the Trial of the Ancients. Other known members are DrunkenBlowfish, ZetaZaku, lordzeru, and Papa Wang, among others.

Skills and Abilities

Queen Emmrys embodies all that represents the power of the torrents. She can shift any underwater current and can manipulate the behavior of weather in any planet she wishes. Her fluency in many languages allows her to communicate with and easily befriend various marine creatures, all who are so captivated by her irresistable charm that they would be willing to do anything for her. Those who dared challenge her rule or even ask her hand in marriage out of the blue were swept away by the massive tsunamis she sent their way with just a flick of a finger. She could teleport to any planet with water at will, a feat that has enabled her to evade thrill-seekers, would-be admirers, and her most hated enemies. Because of this, she has also earned the name, "The Elusive Mermaid Princess."


HP: 20,000

Attack: 5,000

Defense: 99,999

Special Attack: 7,164

Special Defense: 99,999

Speed: x 5



Emmrys is secretly lordzeru's neighbor and when she is away in business, "accidentally" calls him in the middle of the night. The Princess always blushes whenever the incident is brought up and constantly tells everyone that she will not make the same mistake again...even though this "accident" happens at least 100 times per day.


Despite Emmrys hating the throat-slitter with every fiber of her being, she claims dietmango is her 'Telepathy Bro.'


Emmy and Amber are soul sistahs. Not soul sisters, soul sistahs, which is better than soul sisters.


- "No."

- "c:"

- "...I love serial killers. Not really, but it's my thing...and nothing is sounding right."

- "I hate Mango."