Erin-hime, or known for her other nicknames such as "Kage Hime," "The Great Satan," and "Smut Master Erin" is the mother of all beings that successfully opened a portal to another universe (which happened to be the Uber Elitist Club universe). Her powers are said to rival that of Amberleh; some even argue she is even more powerful than the latter herself.


It is said that Erin is the illegitimate daughter of the alternate Prince of Darkness himself, whom he cast away for unknown reasons. She was thrown in a spaceship and sent to the lower planes. Her ship landed on a nearly-abandoned planet in the far reaches of deep space.

There, Erin discovered a band of rogue warriors who were outcasts of both Hell and Heaven, both realms that the Original Satan ruled with a fiery iron fist. She became the ultimate voice of these band of rogues, proving herself by defeating all 99,999 of the would-be warriors and forced them to be her bitches. She then established her Tumblr kingdom and expanded her territory in the neighboring planets in the Tumblr universe. Erin then moved in and successfully broke through the lines of Hell and Heaven, and choked Original Satan himself to death. She then ruled the entire Tumblr universe and did not allow anyone else to rule it for another 10,000 years.

Discovery Of Another Universe

Erin honed her gradually increasing powers against Tumblr champions who tried to usurp her from her throne. Erin was performing experiments with prisoners when she accidentally discovered her latent powers to open dimensions to other universes. After she ripped open a time warp, she bumped into Amberleh, the mother of all beings in the Uber Elitist universe. They then discovered their shared likes of yaoi fanfiction, fanfiction novel writing, smut, Fairy Tail, shipping Fairy Tail couples, and their love/hate for ForgoneReality and dietmango. Erin has since tormented Amberleh about her greatest secrets and revealing it to everybody to see. Amberleh has tried to best her in mortal kombat but failed. Hard. Super hard.

Skills and Abilities

Erin has incredible stamina, able to fight 99,999 warriors easily without breaking a sweat or out of breath. She is an extremely gifted writer, and is able to charm millions of people with her excellent style of fanfiction. Her debut erotic novel, called Words are Unnecessary, is a smash hit, with dietmango immediately dubbing her the "Smut Master." She is the only known being to be able to rip open wormholes to other universes, a feat other mothers of all beings have failed to do.


HP: x

Attack: x


Special Attack:

Special Defense: ∞ 



- "I'm screwed."

- "You made the decision to let me in."

- "ERMEBERRRRRR SANGRIA IS DELICIOUS. also hi i lovr u and I’m sorry i havent been in a livesyream lately but i miss u. Also sangria is delucios. Satan out. :)"