The rival faction of the Alpha Males® has been notorious in making sure their plans are sabotaged in anyway possible, promoting the statement that "ALL MEN ARE EVIL AND SHOULD BE PUT DOWN" in any way they can. They are in a seemingly endless battle against the latter, first being successful at their cause, but subsequent efforts have been in vain; eventually, they lost.

The remaining members instead formed a new crimefighting group, dubbed the Vagina Power Squad, under its new leader, Linly.



Rival Factions

The Feminazis™ have been successful in their attempts to quell the wrath of the Alpha Males® at first, but have been fighting a losing battle ever since, realizing their warpath could not be stopped. Several members have left and have gone rogue, realizing their recent attempts have been futile. The Feminazis™ are still active, however, focusing their efforts to promote their love for yaoi, yuri, manbutts, and endless shipping.

The remaining members afterwards formed a new faction led by a newcomer with a different focus this time; fight crime and save the imperiled from evil-doers.

Known Members

- Amberleh (leader)

- ihateeveryone

- Rarity

- Erin

- Emmrys (former member)

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