The Free Beer Act of 2069 is an Act of the Uber Elitist Kingdom, written by Ventris himself when he became Emperor Consort as part of his marriage to Empress Pixie; it is his first official decree with the title.

The Act states that everyone in the Uber Kingdom may have free beer every month, in order to regulate the excess selling and distribution of alcoholic beverages within the kingdom and its neighboring city-states. A citizen gets a set amount of monthly beer, which is determined by their yearly income, place of residence, family members, medical history, current occupation, and class. Additionally, how many bonus beer they get depends on how many "enlightening" anime they've seen in Ninja Planet.

The Free Beer Act of 2069 also applies to citizens of their current biological and mental age, with the requirements being 16 and 25, respectfully.

Sushi also gets free beer, only that he has to personally pay Ventris a monthly payment of $10.00 (with an option to upgrade to a $25.00 premium free) to acquire it. Sushi can also have a supply beyond his current rate, only if he brings Ventris a dead Medusa, on top of what is already required (also see below).


- The 2069 number in the Act is not the year it was enacted, nor is it the year the Uber canon is set in; it is just a random number, something Mango suggested to Ventris during one of their random fights within Space Castle.

- Sushi was initially going to be excluded from the Act, but after some begging, Ventris finally allowed it, only in the condition he pays, as well as giving his mutated alligators a massage every Thursday in Space Castle.

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