The Gingers were once a proud race that lived in peace and harmony within their now-desolate home planet, Desimonia. A period of pollution and negative energy, triggered by numerous alien invasions, gradually caused Desimonia to deteriorate; its flora and fauna becoming extinct one by one. Realizing all hope was lost, the Gingers accepted the inevitable and waited for oblivion. But by some twist of fate, they did not die, for Desimonia itself changed their genetic makeup forever. Millennia of constant planetary collapse forced their bodies to constantly adapt and evolve to survive; the Gingers are baffled by how and why it happened, though they suspect the Ginger Soul may have something to do with it. Eventually, they left the planet until it crumbled to ashes, the people searching the cosmos of potential hospitable planets and ensure their race's survival. The Gingers scattered, indeed discovering suitable worlds to live in, and inescapably interbred with the local folk after some time.

Known Gingers


Mikayla is a well-known half-breed; part-Ginger and part-Mermaid.

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