The #1 absolute true God residing all that is good and true, according to the Happy Science cultists that describe him so. God Eagle is a way of life, and you must never question his motives. He just wants you to feel all 72 inches of him. From the inside and out. Filling every hole.

Happy Science

In order to join, all you must do is smoke a lot of weed, do good for others, and must subject yourself to God Eagle's thrusting 72 inches all over you. In this state, you can ask God Eagle to feel you more, and more thrusting ensues. Afterwards, you smoke more weed and move up the ranks of the organization, further spreading God Eagle's 72 inch influence to more people.

God Eagle Heaven

God Eagle's version of Heaven has many realms; all led by notable historical figures that have smoked weed and have felt God Eagle's 72 inches for a long, long time. Hellen Keller, Thomas Edison, and Florence Nightinggale are some noteworthy angels that have ascended and have been tasked of helping God Eagle thrust 72 inches up potential followers.

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