He thinks dicks are the best.


- "Dicks are the best."

- "Eat my ass, bitch."

- "Lordzeru just got done tossing my salad..."

- "I'll bread the fuck out of his game." (To Amberleh)

- "How do you feel about that...?"

- "I'm like a bad anime that you must watch constantly rewatch."

- "Mom I'm out of the womb you don't own me."

- "I don't need no stinking pussy right now, Mikayla."

- "It gave me a few boners, was okay 6/10."

- "I gave one hentai a 10 because it had an amazing footjob scene."

- "That's my job, Sushi. To chew that ass."

- "I love eating out some ass."

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