Legends say that if you cut off one hydra dick, two more grow in its place. The Hydradicks are nowadays notorious for this fearsome feature and fighting prowess, but were a largely friendly albeit isolated race long ago. Many Hydradicks left home in search of new adventures, eager to flash awaiting races with their majestic dirty dozen.

Hias and Linly are the most well-known Hydradicks in existence.


Once a nomadic race of peaceful creatures, the Hydradicks roamed the vast oceans of the great water world, Khara as free as skinny dippers. Back in their golden age, they whipped their dozen knobs out with reckless abandon. This activity soon became a call for competition, where the head size and quality, and how far they could squirt mattered most; a Dick Olympics if you will. In their culture, whoever wins and comes out on top of this grand tournament will rule all of Khara for 12 years. They continue this tradition 12 eons later.

The Hydradicks have eventually evolved into a spacefaring species and have visited multiple worlds throughout the universe.

Dickless Hydradick

Hias once challenged dietmango in mortal kombat. The Hydradick had the upper hand, until Mango found a way to cut off all of Hias's twelve hydra dicks without them regenerating. The two have since settled their differences by eating each other's asses, but Hias constantly hounds Mango on the fate of his twelve penises. Mango always implies something, but immediately stops himself to keep Hias in the dark.


Linly is famous for being the greatest Hydradick fighter the universe has ever seen. She is popular even in her homeworld of Khara. Many admirers have come to take her twelve dicks, but none have been successful in woo-ing her. Until one day, Forgone destroyed all competition and took Linly for himself. They have been together ever since.

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