Custom-made armor that was famously used by Darkness O. JOHJ in his epic quest to kill Gaping-chan and her Anor Londo minions.

Mask of the JOHJ

Gives the user 10% vitality and makes them immune to any disease known to the Federation. Its headbutt attack is capable of causing a star to go supernova.

Nipple Armor

The armor was forged from Ubernite shards and was made by Haakonwale within the Cave of Wonders. It protects the user from armor-piercing rounds, Rapers, magic, nuclear warheads, and all of the above. Except for Godzilla and Sailor Moon R, unfortunately. Its double nipple drill action lets D.O. JOHJ dig through almost anything; it is unknown if it is capable of piercing through the heavens.

Thunder Thighs

One of many pieces of armor worn by Darkness O. JOHJ, along with Nipple Armor. It was made from orichalcum and powered by the lightning shards from Zeus's very bosom. It shoots out lightning every time the user performs Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks perfectly. It also gives the user superhuman speed, granting them JOHJ-like agility in mortal kombat.