Brynhildr broke him. All his girls melted. So sad.


Jody is the esteemed gimp in the closet where Forgone and dietmango reside. He likes to believe Forgone is his wife, but then consider his delusional mentality. He really is the gimp in the closet. Forgone and dietmango wear the proverbial pants in the family. One pant leg for each Hombro.

No ands, ifs, and buts about it.

Jody, Alpha Bear

Jody is a well-known bear collector. He forces some of them to be his ultimate slaves; to clean his house, do his laundry, cook his dinner, and give him awesome pedicures. He travels the outer lands of the Uber continent in search of more bears to be his bitches, as well as hunting for rare breeds to show off in his supermassive zoo at the center of Neo Australia. Sometimes he takes them to his private quarters to have a little 'intimate session,' though some have known to have died either out of fear or climaxing too much. This greatly upsets Jody of course, as he usually kills off his entire collection because he cannot control his Aussie libido (whatever that means). He is then found grieving about how he is 'out of BEAR!!' yelling at the top of his lungs and streaking and rampaging all over Neo Australia for no reason whatsoever. After he regains his senses, he goes back home, gets on his private jet, and hunts for more bears. And the cycle continues.

Lately, however, lordzeru and dietmango have been hunting bears of their own for additional EXP and bear claws and hides to sell for profit. This, obviously, greatly upsets Jody. And since Mango is involved (who apparently fucked him up the arse with extreme prejudice), Jody has made it his mission to deal with the throat-slitting assassin for good. After all, who can trust a liar?

Skills and Abilities

Jody has incredible strength and stamina, no doubt from hunting, wrestling, and making love to bears all his life. Which probably also explains why his left hand is way stronger than his right hand. Helluva left cross, he has. Has knocked out more bears than Muhammad Ali himself.


HP: 1211991

Attack: 7486

Defense: 8067

Special Attack: 4999

Special Defense: 7160

Speed: 420


- "My brain is being shoved into my rectal region."

- "This show made my dick backflip and change sexualities."


- "Why do I always get a boner...?"

- "I would go gay for Darren Hayes."

- "Stop fucking me up the arse, Mango."

- " mouth is taking me places."

- "...when they were half shoving it in my mouth..."

- "What do Tampons even taste like?"

- "That warm melting flavour in my mouth."