Boomerang of justice, wielded by Witch Hunter Rarity.


As a Witch Hunter, Rarity can dual wield twin boomerangs and has the highest DPS rate out of all Uber classes. She can also customize her weapons by coating them evenly with vegemite to poison and debilitate enemies on contact. This was proven true when Rarity was sent a false contract to kill MrNipples and lordzeru, and both almost their souls in the process. Luckily, Rarity had an extra vial of ToeJam Elixir to restore them to normal health.

Justice BoomerangEdit

906 Dexterity

500 Vitality

Damage: 9999.89-11199

99.9% Attack Speed

Gain 999 Life Per Hit

Reduces cooldown of all skills by 99.0%.

+1996 Maximum Spirit

9.99 Attacks per Second