Justine was originally believed to be one of Amberleh's most adorable daughters and Tumblr minions, but is really a double agent working for the Uber Elitists; more specifically, the Alpha Male Brotherhood. This upsets Amberleh greatly, and is currently in joint custody between her and Justine's master, dietmango.

Origins Edit


Skills and Abilities Edit

Justine has been under the tutelage of dietmango, learning the secret art of Slitjutsu for years on end. As a result, she's his greatest student, being proficient at the craft that she could very well be having her own variation of Slitjutsu, mainly because of her speed and ingenuity compared to her master. She is also a master of deception, a trait she was already born with and perfected since.

Stats Edit

HP: 9999

Attack: 9999

Defense: 9999

Special Attack: 9999

Special Defense: 9999

Speed: x 2

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