Maegil, St. Uber is the capital city of the almighty Uber Kingdom. It is the central hub for all trading, politics, international/planetary/universal relations, entertainment, military might, science, agriculture, history, and complete enlightenment. Hovering high above the sky is the Uber Fortress built to defend the city from plebeian terrorist attacks. It is currently ruled over by the recently appointed Empress Pixie-sama.


It is widely known that the great hero, Maegilleaus, founded the city 9001 millenia ago. Together with Nidhoeggr and metamorphius, he fought and successfully united the warring tribes of the plebeian North, East, South, and West under one banner and build the first castle at the center as its foundation. It would eventually expand in all directions and flourish into the great empire as it is seen today.

This story has been passed down for generations and has since become legend. Every year, the denizens of St. Uber celebrate the day of the city's founding (9999/9999/9999) by holding massive parades and festivals that many beings from across the universe join and celebrate amongst its would-be enlightened citizens.

A colossal, diamond statue of Maegilleaus can be seen right in front of the castle, in honor of its founder.


It is said that Maegilleaus annointed himself as Uber Emperor after conquering the warring tribes and ruled for an unknown amount of time. Nidhoeggr would then succeed the throne and so far, has ruled the longest. Emmrys then succeeded the Almighty Fuhrer, though only ruled the kingdom for a short amount of time. Her reign would end when she stated she grew 'tired' and subsequently left the kingdom to go on a journey; she has not been heard from since.

Fearing for the well-being of the kingdom and its citizens, the Uber Elitists Inner Circle conducted an emergency meeting to appoint a temporary ruler until a proper one can be found. The Inner Circle shortly announced that Princess Regent Dietmango would take over and oversee eventual expansions of the Uber Kingdom to the outer continents. During the coronation ceremony, dietmango was given the unique title 'Mexican Mahou Shoujo Throat-Slitting Jesus Assassin Mango-hime.' Out of all the rulers so far, Mango has ruled the longest.

Pixie would eventually take over the highest leadership position as Empress of the Uber Kingdom, having approached Queen Rarity and Princess Mango for the spot. Rarity retains her position as Queen, while Mango gladly gave up his duties to focus more on his throat-slitting activities. Ventris becomes Emperor consort from his marriage to Pixie, and Mikayla is bestowed the title, 'Grand Duchess.'

Since the beginning of the city founding, JOHJ has been the humble vizier of whoever the Uber Emperor is. JOHJ is famous for having a 100% success rate of stopping would-be assassins attempting to usurp the throne.

Dividing Powers

In order to keep the balance of power intact, it was decided that there would be multiple, albeit lesser ruling bodies instead of one single entity, in an attempt to regulate the workload. The Northern part of the Kingdom was appointed to ihateeveryone, the East to metamorphius, the South to Amberleh, and the west to lordzeru, MrNipples, and dietmango. The latter city also contains a wormhole directly leading to the notorious Ninja Planet.

The major ruling power would remain in Maegil, St. Uber. Empress Pixie oversees everything in the kingdom, while the workload is relieved between Queen Rarity, Emperor Consort Ventris, and Grand Duchess Mikayla.

Other Notable St. Uber Citizens



Håkon Wale



Military Power

General Jakku leads the Uber Military and oversees all of the kingdom's defenses atop his Uber Fortress. Ventris and his lone Space Castle has been a temporary ally over the years, but has always been its own independent entity. Lordzeru is the de facto leader of the Alpha Males®. The most famous strike team/hit squad within the military, they regularly deal with the greatest threats to the Uber Empire having held the record of most successful missions in history.



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