Mangone Fever is a rare disease that was discovered when Amberleh was the first ever being to be diagnosed with it. It is not a fatal disease. However, it is very contagious, but exclusively, readily infects those who have Tumblr blood running through their veins. It is a case of the patient being tsun-tsun for dietmango and Forgone, in which they spout several insults at the pair, but really want to ship them so bad (hence, the Mangone moniker).


Major symptoms by the Mangone Fever include irregular heartbeats, mild to severe irritation, symptoms that mimic those of Tourrette's (spouting several insults), headache, and sassy overload. Other minor symptoms include mild chest pain, paranoia, and tendency to blame others around them; inanimate objects included.


Amberleh is patient zero; meaning she was the first patient to become infected and diagnosed with the disease. The term was coined by Dr. Neko Meta IX, for the holy shipping term Amberleh and her 'pure' Tumblr following have created.

Treatment and Cure

Currently, there is no cure for Mangone Fever. If your Mangone Fever lasts more than 4 hours, you should go see a doctor. They probably have pills for that.

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