Matt the Almighty -- who was also called Matt the Destroyer, Matt the Heroic, Mighty Matt or simply Matt -- was a human galactic warrior whose actions over the years and seemingly everlasting battle with the nefarious Cthulhu would eventually restore balance to the universe. He is currently missing and rumored to be dead, but only a few know of his actual whereabouts.


No one knows for sure when Matt was born; it is said that he was born prematurely and only had one day to live. By chance encounter, however, Cthulhu and its legion wreaked havoc across Matt's hometown and slaughtered his family. It was when the infant Matt drank the blood of one of Cthulu's wounded spawn that his DNA makeup was completely rewritten and gained supernatural abilities. The infant Matt suddenly grew to the size of a normal human and killed the surrounding spawn in a matter of seconds. Cthulhu, unable to ignore the new threat standing in his way, battled with Matt for 9999 straight years without rest, until Cthulhu barely emerged victorious. Matt would relentlessly chase Cthulhu for millenia, destroying worlds, black holes, and entire galaxies along the way. It is believed Matt and Cthulhu's eternal war rewrote the laws of physics and the entire universe over the eons.

Sweet Victory

Matt finally subdued Cthulhu, with the help of a maiden (who turned out to be Amberleh in disguise) whose magical revolutionary powers were enough to imprison the evil deity in a sci-fi/magical lamp. Cthulhu, however, proved to be a formidable foe even in prison by causing all the stars in the universe to go supernova. Matt proceeded to suck up all the supernovas in his big Bush just in the nick of time. The incredible energy stored in all the supernovas he stored in his Bush caused the entire thing to implode on itself and create a supermassive black hole. Thus, the Milky Way Galaxy was born.

Matt would forever be remembered as the great hero who saved the universe from Cthulhu by the Uber Elitists and erected a statue right next to Maegillaus at the center of St. Uber. Nobody knows where he disappeared to after the great cataclysmic event; some suspect him to be dead by now...

...or is he?

Current Whereabouts

In reality, Matt is alive and well and is living with his love Amberleh in the Uber Kingdom as a construction worker/resident hillbilly. People know him as a slacker and a slob (according to Amberleh herself) who has never taken out his trash for decades and he always smelled of beer, rotten pizza, and engine oil. In reality, Matt's personality and lifestyle is a front; the trash is actually imbued by revolutionary magic that is keeping Cthulhu's powers at bay, which prevents the monster from calling forth meteor showers, reinforcements, or supernovas. Matt's true existence is known only to a select few Ubers.

Skills and Abilities

Matt's heroic powers are so great, his stats cannot be correctly read in the Uber scale. All we really know is that he makes Amberleh's kokoro go dokidoki. And vice versa. And back and forth. It's pretty hot, actually. Not gonna lie.

HP: ???

Attack: ???

Defense:  ???

Special Attack: ???

Special Defense: ???

Speed: ???


- "Feel the wrath of Skitty."

- "You're pretty gay."