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Master of pantsu, fairies, mermaids, leggings, thongs, and 'staches, the human/mermaid hybrid discarded her previous identity, Michaela, and is now known as Mikayla, Kayla, and 'Brokayla' by her drinking buddies. She has the power to bring out the Inner 'Stache. Because of the recent crowning of the new Empress Pixie, Mikayla has been given the title Grand Duchess of the Uber Kingdom, which gives her authority to wear fancy hats.



Michaela is the OG Mermaid. Ariel can't compete with her mermaid-ness. Originally Eric's first waifu, he eventually got bored of her because wanted someone way too young for his age. Fun fact: if Disney failed negotiations with Kayla, The Little Mermaid would never have happened (although the nature of said negotiations are unclear at this point); something the media will never tell you. She'll drown your ass if you trash talk mermaids in general and criticize her #1 favorite show of all time, H2O: Just Add Water. I'm serious, she'll smother you. Like OH EMM GEE.

Mikayla claims she is over 3000 years old and has apparently been telling tall tales of mermaids for that long; She states H2O: Just Add Water is her magnum opus.

Mikayla was defeated badly when she faced the mighty Singham in mortal kombat, after he stated Just Add Water was "garbage." The 'Stache Grand Master, however, saw potential in Kayla and took her under his wing, finally finding a worthy successor to the Singham Arts, the martial art thought to be unique to Singham himself. Despite dietmango's doubts, Mikayla stated she desperately wanted to "live the ways of the 'Stache," and live it she did. In just one day of training, Mikayla was already "one with the 'Stache," as it were. And with that, Singham left the mortal world and ascended to Uber Godhood.

Grand Duchess of the Uber Kingdom

Since the recent coronation of Empress Pixie, and Ventris's new title as Emperor Consort, Mikayla was given the title 'Grand Duchess,' giving her free reigns to produce and distribute the fanciest hats the universe has ever known. With it, she is also bestowed her own castle, which she named Mermaidia.

Skills and Abilities

Mikayla's natural mermaid heritage gives her high stamina and longevity, which also enables her to quickly recover from most injuries or wounds. With the techniques she learned from 'Stache Grand Master Singham, Kayla can bring out her inner 'stache to unleash her true potential and gain the upper hand against her enemies. Kayla's 'stache quintuples her powers, whose stats rival even the Uber Gods themselves. However, she can only maintain this form for only one minute. As a result, she uses it sparingly -- as a strategic move/last resort -- when all other options are spent.

Stats (Normal Form)

HP: 5000

Attack: 1700

Defense: 1000

Special Attack: 2690

Special Defense: 2000

Speed: 1900

Stats (Mermaid Form)

HP: 999,999

Attack: 99

Defense: 17

Special Attack: 99,999

Special Defense: 21

Speed: ???

Stats (Inner 'Stache Form)

HP: ∞ ∞ 


Defense: ∞ 

Special Attack: ∞ 

Special Defense:

Speed: ∞ 


- "Let me ride you."

- "I mean like I don't even know the guy and I want to bang him."

- "That's why I just stick to seeing posts of girls fantasizing if a guys dick glows."

- " If she says onii-chan I'm gonna stab her myself."

- "...let out your inner mermaid."

- "Mango I want to live the ways of the 'stache."

- "I have become one with the 'stache."

- "Just believe in the power of the man booty."

- "Do ya want some sour dicks to cheer you up?"

- "I ate my own husbando."

- "What cat wouldn't want to be in my tard?"

- "I set up the hard."

- "...its like creamy and soft, and it smells like vanilla."

- " Ventris, wanna give me that flu..."

- "i sn so peiyd to myslef"

- "I just making the normal clothes slutty for alcohal at school"

- "I only want Mango to sweet talk me while he's trying to slice into my back"