Moaning Wrestling is a choose-your-own-adventure type of novel carefully written by lordzeru. Filled with action-packed fights, lesbian undertones, girls sticking huge phallic objects in small holes, and 95% intricate descriptions of girls moaning while wrestling, the novel has been a huge hit with the Alpha Male crowd, but has been heavily criticized by the Feminazis for their subtle hints at sexism.




Moaning Wrestling was met with critical praise, garnering a massive following among its Alpha Male audience. It was, however, panned by Feminazis, criticizing the novel for its subtle hints at sexism, themes of sexual abuse, and cheap use of empowerment. The case went to court months after the novel's release, with the Feminazis eventually settling out of court for an undisclosed amount of money.

MrNipples expressed his enthusiasm after reading it, saying it was "like playing Monster Hunter."

AngelsArcanum, an avid Moaning Wrestling fan, said "the moment you hear moaning for the third or fourth time, it's hard not to bust a nut afterwards."

Famed magician Ducat_Revel was reported to have read the book to completion, saying he liked the book, he was quite disappointed there was not enough sweat licking.

Amberleh, however, panned the book, stating "not enough tentacle rape fanservice."