Mr. Nipples when a new fast-food restaurant opens

DrunkenBlowfish, now better known as Mr. Nipples, is the most notorious crime lord in the Uber Hamburger District. His dictatorship, ruthless efficiency to sniff out his enemies, his brutal torture methods, and overall menacing presence strikes fear in the hearts of those who resist the power and beauty of his luscious nipples. DO NOT mess with the nastiest Hamburger Creep in the galaxy. Motherfucker.

Mr. Nipples' Shotacon Prison Rape Yaoi Fantasties Series

Mr. Nipples secretly pens the Shotacon Prison Rape Yaoi series of novels when not on a drug trafficking business. It is rumored that the series is based on Mr. Nipples' firsthand experiences when he spent time at the Yaoi Vampire Prison School for Vampires for 3 months. Whether or not the events in the novels are from his own traumatic experiences has yet to be confirmed. The series features a vampire loli trap main character who goes to prison for a crime he didn't commit. His encounters with 15 lonely vampire prisoners features a captivating narrative woven with incest, shotacon fantasties, prison rape, yaoi prison rape, and all of the above. The series is a huge hit with the kids.

Skills and Abilities

I pity the fool who dares challenge Mr. Nipples to a nipple showdown. They will lose. Their nipples are not as sharp,

Mr. Nipples right after getting out of the shower.

well-trimmed, or exquisite as Mr. Nipples. His nipples are so great, he can stretch his nipples as far as the Great Wall of China. His nipples are as hard and thick as diamonds that he can joust 1 million plebes at once. And win. Handily. Not only can he stab fools with his nipples, he can also transform his nipples into drills and punch a hole through pretty much anything. Also, he has an OCD for hamburgers. Talk shit about hamburgers and you will die.



Attack: Nipples/9000

Defense: Nipples/9000

Special Attack: Nipples/9000

Special Defense: Nipples/9000 

Speed: Nipples/


- "Quick, smell Yaya's panties!"

- "Fruitboys."

- "Nothing says refinement like little white balls in your mouth."

- "I might have a stamp...a tramp stamp."

- "Every time I smell meat cooking, I feel like a hunter and gatherer. Like I'm playing Monster Hunter."

- "Watching LOGH is like puberty. It's different for everyone."

- "I could go either way."

- "With such a reputation I kind of expected it to be longer."

- "Just walked in on lordzeru's suckering."

- "It sucks to suck."

- "Despite the nipple licking this episode was one of the most tame."

- "What will I do without her cameltoe getting shoved in my face..."

The Nipple Gallery