A famous assassin renowned all over the universe, Mrs. Mango is the self-proclaimed waifu of dietmango, the realest throat-slitter that ever lived. She dedicates her life to making dietmango's kokoro go dokidoki. In reality, dietmango just really wants her to go away. Much to his chagrin, she has since been dietmango's partner in clandestine throat-slitting operations all over the universe.


No one knows her country of origin, birth date, or real name. All that's known about her childhood is that she grew up in an unnamed orphanage, where she was constantly bullied by her alpha male fellow orphans. One day, they tried to cut her long, blonde locks and at that point, she had had enough. That night, she slit all of their throats. Thus, an assassin was born.

She took up the moniker 'Ms. Mango' after hearing rumors about a legendary throat-slitting assassin whose skills were unmatched. She decided she would conquer this would-be legend's stronghold and prove herself to be the best in throat-slitting. After successfully luring dietmango out of hiding, she swooped in for the kill. However, in an unexpected tweest of events, dietmango quickly disarmed her and prepared to slit her throat. Thinking her life was at an end, Ms. Mango braced herself and acknowledged dietmango's throat-slitting superiority. However, in another unexpected tweest of events, dietmango spared her life, a feat that was never achieved by the latter.

Ms. Mango realized dietmango made her kokoro go dokidoki. They made sweet love under the pale moonlight and begged for him to take her in as an apprentice...and waifu. She then changed her name to Mrs. Mango, despite dietmango's vehement protests. She has since moved in with him.

The Throat-Slitting Continues

Dietmango would allow Mrs. Mango to stay as long as she kept her yandere tendencies in check (multiple incidents of arrest when Mrs. Mango allegedly tried to slit dietmango's throat at night "out of love") and assisted him in throat-slitting assassinations for the good of the Uber Elitists. Thus, they became partners.

Mrs. Mango is currently (and secretly) a throat-slitting bodyguard complete with a fruit-laced costume to throw off her opponents. Her protectee is a 10 year-old child who is heir to the Healthy Food throne.

Skills and Abilities

Mrs. Mango has incredible stealth skills that rival that of Batman, and has since refined her throat-slitting skills under that tutelage of dietmango. She is also a master of disguise, once fooling Voldemort and being very close to slitting the latter's throat, but ultimately gave the mission up because she claimed that magic was "boring as hell."


HP: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Special Attack: ???

Special Defense: ???

Speed: 99999

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