The house of evil

The house of evil

Nando is a dastardly, sociopathic Australian business man widely known for his acts of debauchery and for being suspected of various illegal activities.  He is suspected of at least one count of every crime that can possibly be committed in Australia.  After his heinous kidnapping of Dietmango, Nando has been placed on the official Uber Elitist hit list.

Kidnapping of DietmangoEdit

When Dietmango visited Australia, Nando got word of his arrival and feared that the throat-slitting assassin had been sent by one of his many enemies to take him down once and for all.  In response, Nando kidnapped the fruity Uber Elitist, planning to serve him as a side dish in his chain of sleazy restaurants where the food is too expensive, the tables are never clean, and the waiters probably spat in your food and make fun of you behind your back.  The kidnapping made the Australian news despite all the other bizarre stuff that happens there, which attracted the attention of the Uber Elitists, who immediately begun to formulate a plan to secure their colleague's freedom.

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