Nelly Furtardo is a genderless, really brown-skinned musical artist, Bollywood actor, and entrepreneur that gained recognition with his/her #1 singles, "Muthafucking Cold in Hurr" and "I'm Unlike Fried Chicken" in the Uber Kingdom.


Furtardo was originally born as a white female, but, later in life, decided to become genderless, in which he/she described as the "ultimate being." Furtardo even compared his/her plight to the Hindu god, Ardhanarishvara, a union of Shiva and his consort, Parvati. The other reasons are so that she would avoid the trauma of being gangraped, as well as avoid the desire to gangrape. Through numerous surgeries, Nelly Furtardo became the first 'successful' genderless citizen of the Uber Kingdom. At one point, Furtardo desired to change his/her name to disassociate him/herself from his/her previous identity, but Jody convinced him/her that Nelly and Furtardo can be both male and female (Jody later confirmed he did not know who Nelly Furtardo was, he claimed the former was just "some dude I recognized from that one anime I watched.")

Furtardo also underwent skin pigmentation to change his/her skin color to that of a golden brown, in an attempt to stop racism in St. JOHJ. It failed. Furtardo was kidnapped and was attempted to be gangraped by numerous JOHJ, but they could not find any holes, and Furtardo was released.


Furtardo gained fame with his/her two most recognized singles, "Muthafucking Cold in Hurr" and "I'm Unlike Fried Chicken," which he/she won an Uber Grammy for Best Genderless Artist. Furtardo's music career declined afterwards, in which he/she found something to love becoming a Bollywood actor. He/she is best known for his/her cameo appearances in Singham and PK.

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