Korean Dave's birthplace and hometown. Where K-dramas are made and the central hub for K-pop artists to mingle and do the Gangnam Style and whatever the hell Koreans do. Like take over third-world countries with their...influence.


Under the governance of G-Dragon, all records concerning the history of Neo Korea prior to its annexing were deemed as propaganda and swiftly removed from all public records. The new history imposed by scholar and rapper T.O.P states that Neo Korea was a land discovered by the Koreans during the late 2000s. The land was a hostile place and the natives foolishly believed in obscure and heretical notions regarding "national culture and identity."

The Koreans pitied the delirious natives and gave them the ultimate gift to liberate them from their savageries: Korean Pop Culture. In a matter of seconds all the natives were swept away, screaming in fits of ecstasy and enlightenment. The gift of Korean Pop Culture was too much for them. Their bodies started to mutate. Their hair started changing color and their clothes became baggier. The men started wearing eye liner and blush while the eye lashes of women grew five times in length. Historian and media darling Kim Tae-yeon said the transformation was both terrifying and beautiful to behold.

From that point on, all the natives considered themselves to be Korean and were warmly welcomed into the fold.

Opinions from Foreign Political Leaders

Nidhoeggr once stated that Neo Korea is "worse than the Third Reich and Erdogan's Turkey combined."

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