The Donkey Rapist

Nickienator is a self-declared half-pleb and proud donkey rapist. Spends most of his time hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right oppurtunity to spring out and spread his love for donkeys. Also a commanding officer of the Anime Uber Elitists.


Once a normal half-pleb, Nickienator had nothing but his fondness for Robot Wars and Shin Megami Tensei, but after joining the Anime Uber Elitists, he found his one true calling: donkeys.

Never before has anyone found passion as fierce as Nickienator did. He has now took it upon himself to find, love, and rape all the donkeys around the world. It doesn't matter if the donkey is colored, handicapped, or just a foal, he will rape it until it neighs his name. This beast-spree has reached all the corners of the world, and is feared by anyone who owns a donkey, to the point of warning their beloved hoofed creatures of the dangers of staying out after dark, for in the shadows lies Nickienator, waiting to spread his love.

This fearsome reputation lead to Nickienator's addition to the officer echelon of the Anime Uber Elitists. No one could revoke his rise to power, even though he is a half-pleb who hasn't watched Cipher yet. 

Skills & Abilities

Rog rants against casuals

Rog rants against casuals

Due to his experience with donkeys, Nickienator has gained incredible endurance and strength surpassing both humans and donkeys alike. Although still mortal, the latent power he has rivals even those of the great Magical Girls of the Anime Uber Elitists.

His donkey stalking skills have also added to his illusiveness. No donkey has ever found Nickienator; he finds them. This will prove critical in the Great MAL Purge which has been prophisized countless times, as annoying plebs and arrogant elitists alike will know the terrors of a surprise pounding.

Records show that nothing has been able to damage Nickienator except for the raging Purification fires which arise whenever the great Nidhoeggr demands live sacrifice.


HP: 10,000


Defense: 5,000

Special Attack: 

Special Defense: 500

Speed: 651 Donkey Power


- "My name is Commander Nickienator and this is my favorite place to rape donkeys in the Uber Elitist Kingdom."

- "Ass > tits because the ass is a donkey."

- "I want to prepare myself to be a good husband as well, so I always get really drunk and then smack a woman around."

- "Tit robots are my way of trying to fit into society again."

- "And donkeys are generally not impressed by my girth. I can't compete with other donkeys."

- "I still have the disgusting aftertaste of 2 years worth of glopping semen in my mouth."

- "Making that convincing would've scarred children way worse than my balls ever could."

- "I like black anime people, just not real black people."