The infamous planet-sized prison known for its glorious torture, rage-inducing environment, and its notorious ability to give anyone who breathes its poisonous atmosphere infinite sadness. Those who take even a single step in Ninja Planet can never get rid of the haunting memories they experience, wherever they may wander.

Ninja Planet is also well known for its kill squads, all of which have a very high success rate of capturing all those still not accustomed to the planet's mentally crippling air.

Kill Squads

Squad 1: Murricuh Terrorcorps

Composed of dietmango, lordzeru, and DrunkenBlowfish, this trio of sadomasochists are the undisputed leaders of Ninja Planet, being familiar and most accustomed to Ninja Planet's atmosphere and flora and fauna than any of its nefarious inhabitants. They are simply known as "The Trinity." They take the definition of insanity to a whole 'nother dimension-sized level.

Squad 2: Feminazi Vampiredeathsquad

Led by Amberleh herself, she beats all who oppose her with her Pink Banhammer along with her underlings; ihateeveryone, Rarity, and Emmrys. Meta Hellsing herself is an honorary member.

Squad 3: DingDong Squad

They say Nidhoeggr, ZetaZaku, and Nickienator are the "Trifecta," being often compared to Trinity for their use of iron maidens and guillotines to punish their prisoners with. Rumor has it that Fu, Giambi, and Yiching met their demise by the Trifecta's hands, but this is all just speculation.