Oliver the Throat-Slitting Hamster is Mikayla's pet hamster. Kayla found Oliver bruised and bloodied one stormy night, and nursed him back to health. Since then, Oliver has owed his life to his lady and vowed to protect her at all costs. Wielding a knife and donning his signature hood and cape, Oliver ventures the night, stalking prey and slitting the throats of evil animals in the area.

Mikayla always complains of Oliver disappearing, making her look for the elusive hamster. Little does she know her pet is a master hamster assassin and slits throats of bully animals in the dark streets of the Uber Kingdom; at some point, he teamed up with Amberleh's transgender tortoise, Animaus to fight evil.

Once Mikayla figured out Oliver's true nature, she began to suspect that Oliver is Mango in hamster form. When confronted, Mango denied the accusations, stating, "I slit throats, not turn into little furries."; disappearing into the night...

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