Officially (formerly) known as Großmeister Großmutter Jerzembeck, Oma Space Dragon is a bounty hunter currently traveling the galaxies in search of remnants of her race. Seeing as her last name is that of the royal Space Dragon family, she is a living ancestor to Ventris.


Not much is known about Oma, aside from Ventris mentioning that she cared for and trained him since birth (to prepare his ascension to the Jerzembeck throne). Her title Großmeister is more than just a title; Oma is one of the best warriors the Space Dragons have ever produced and is considered a legend among her people. Unfortunately, tensions rose throughout the majority of the Space Dragon population, and a civil war broke out that lasted until their home planet's destruction. Betrayal also rose within the royal family's inner circle, whose mission was to kill young Ventris, in an attempt to usurp the Jerzembeck dynasty for good. Believed to have perished while defending Ventris, Oma launched his capsule away the dying Jerzembeck planet, holding off the traitors to ensure their races' survival.

Some time after the planet's explosion, Oma actually managed to survive and eventually used her skills to establish herself as a bounty hunter traveling the galaxies. In reality, she is searching for her descendant, Ventris, along with remnants of their race. She now tirelessly combs through every celestial body in search for anything that ties to the Space Dragons, eager to restore her race to its former glory.

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