Sushi's legendary sister and the cool sibling in his family, Pixie is the new and current Empress of the Uber Empire, having taken over ruling duties from Queen Rarity and Princess Mango.


Pixie's natural leadership abilities started even since birth; when little baby Sushi was crying straight out of his momma's vajayjay, Pixie strangled him with his own umbilical cord to shut him up because it was bothering the neighbors. Sushi has been Pixie's bitch ever since. Whenever the siblings would have an argument, Pixie would German suplex him to keep him in line. She developed a no-nonsense, by-the-book approach to disciplining her brothers. Pixie eventually had a desire to join the Jordanian Armed Forces to fight for her country. Even there, she made the general her bitch. Legends say she killed a million of the world's enemies in a single engagement. With her bare hands.

New Uber Empress

Sushi was forced to introduce Pixie to the Uber Elitists, and her personality made it easy for her to fit right in. After obtaining enlightenment faster than her brother could, she approached then Queen Rarity and Princess Mango that she'll take over as Uber Queen, no questions asked. Mango happily gave up his duties to focus more on his throat-slitting activities. Pixie then decreed that Rarity can stay as Queen, and Pixie would ascend to the position of Empress, overseeing everything within the vast Uber Empire.

Shortly after becoming Empress, Ventris the Space Dragon approached Pixie and asked her hand in marriage. Pixie would only accept his proposal, only if Ventris would successfully slay Medusa while staring deep in her eyes. Not only did the Space Dragon complete the job, he ripped out one of Medusa's eyes and put it in a ring as a sign of their engagement (the other eye was given to Mango). The Empress then accepted, and they were wed right away. As per their marriage contract, Sushi has to call Ventris 'Daddy,' cook him breakfast, lunch, and dinner; do his laundry, bring him a dead Medusa, a monthly payment fee of $10 (part of the Free Beer Act of 2069); and give Ventris's mutated alligators in his Space Castle a massage every Thursday.

With some persuasion, Ventris also became Emperor consort.

Skills and Abilities

Pixie has excellent hand-to-hand combat abilities that she took on a million enemies in single combat. Without a scratch. Draws and paints artwork that many have said rivals that of Bob Ross's himself. Loves caring for her pet hamsters and guinea pigs in her state-of-the-art pet care center for animals.


HP: ???

Attack: ^ 9000

Defense: ???

Special Attack: ???

Special Defense: ???

Speed: ???


- "If you slay medusa while gazing into her eyes, then I shall relent."

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