The ultimate sex toy that will make any man, woman, loli, or JOHJ orgasm themselves into oblivion. This infamous device was invented by British David to make everyone want his D (and get information out of high profile targets during his missions), but was eventually deemed too dangerous to use. It was kept under lock and key in an undisclosed location, but was shortly stolen, to everyone's -- especially British David's -- dismay.

So far, nobody knows who stole the Pleasure Treasure, and there have been cases of people disappearing from their homes right after loud moans were heard in the area. These areas are typically heard in the JOHJ Light District, where it's common to hear such moans. Therefore, making it difficult to track and apprehend the culprit.

There have been some rare cases in which loud moans were heard when picked up by radio in the same frequency as Space Castle. Ventris has denied ties to the Pleasure Treasure theft and there has not been enough substantial evidence to label him as a potential suspect.

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