The legendary film director known within the Uber Elitist world for her masterpieces such as The Darkening, 1002: An Earth Lounging, Empty Nonmetal Codpiece, An Ambiguous Grapefruit, College Dropout Conventionalhate: How I Forgot How to Care and Hate the Peace, Miley Cyrus, and Roadblocks to Condemnation. Amberleh is her biggest fan and owns all of her movies and figurines she got from Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon.

Early Life

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Slateny Krubeck is known for getting along extremely well with her actors.  Her acts of kindness toward them include baking cookies for Shelley Duvall when she got overstressed in the middle of shooting of The Darkening, calling in doctors and stunt specialists at her own expense to ensure Malcolm McDowell's safety during the filming of An Ambiguous Grapefruit, and throwing a surprise birthday party for George C. Scott on the set of College Dropout Conventionalhate or, How I Forgot How to Care and Hate the Peace.