Sleeping With Mango is a thriller/slice-of-life light novel written by SSC_Exin. It is part of the Sleeping With... series, and is meant to be a sequel to the light novel hit, Sleeping With Ventris. It chronicles dietmango's sleeping events and, like its predecessor, is told in a first-person narrative. Sleeping With Mango is highly infamous for its twist ending; where the main character eventually gets their throat slit.




Sleeping With Mango was initially not well-received from its fervent readers, but 90% of them revised their opinions and stated the twist ending "makes more sense the more I think about it." It currently holds an 80% rating on UberTomatoes, based on 80 reviews. It has since become a cult classic.

Connections to Real-Life Throat-Slitting Violence

Sleeping With Mango was met with scrutiny when a wave of people slitting their friends' throats as part of a demonic ritual, stating "the book told me to do it." The novel came under fire from Coyote News, who constantly lambasted SSC_Exin's cult novel with a direct influence to the real life events that have taken place, encouraging its overzealous viewers to boycott the book.

However, recent studies have since debunked these allegations, stating Sleeping With Mango's throat-slitting twist ending "does not have a direct correlation to real life throat-slitting whatsoever. It is ridiculous to directly blame such a well-received novel and because non-patricians have a proven tendency to scapegoat things they cannot comprehend other than their own." In the same study, statistics show that the crime rate actually lowered by 80% by participants who claimed they have read the entire novel. At the same time, many people have gone missing and have not been found, though researchers have dismissed any connection to the novel's portrayal of throat-slitting violence whatsoever.