Sleeping With Ventris is a romantic comedy/slice-of-life light novel written by SSC_Exin. It is an original re-telling of Ventris's marvelous sleeping moments with an unknown character and is told in a first person narrative through the latter. Many passages in the book were adapted from Ventris's original sleeping diary he kept in his multi-million dollar dungeon/mansion.




Sleeping With Ventris was well received by critics and currently has an 89% rating on UberTomatoes. Roger Ebert's ghost took the time to write a review, calling it "rough, emotionally honest, and bold!" Many readers especially liked the scenes where Ventris would have flashbacks of his deepest fantasies, would hug his ecchi pillow tight, spread his legs apart, go get food and beer from the fridge, and many more.

Video Game

A year after the novel's release, a fan is planning to release a sleeping simulator (with the same title as the novel) that he promises to have 40+ hours of playtime, different skins that can both be unlocked and bought as DLC, and multiple endings.