The technologically-savvy Space Dragons have learned, over their long history, to attune themselves with the very machines they built by hand. Their expertise in the field of engineering have taken them to various planets across the galaxy, further expanding their civilization to seemingly endless heights. However, a cataclysmic event shook the very core of their most sacred traditions, as a result of a seemingly endless civil war that ravaged the entire planet. Ventris is one of the only two confirmed known living Space Dragons in existence, the other being Ventris's ancestor, initially believed to have perished along with the planet's destruction. Ventris, however, suspects that other remnants of his species may have survived and are hiding somewhere in the deep pockets of the universe.


The Space Dragons originated on Jerzembeck, a planet lush with wild and plant life. Jerzembeckians are part of the draconian family tree, and branched off from its cousins centuries ago. In dragon form, they sported diamond-like scales of assorted colors, and could grow up to 50 feet in size and length. They could also shapeshift into a more humanoid appearance, and are 7 feet (213 cm) tall on average.


Space Dragons are renowned for their vast knowledge in the field of engineering, advancing their civilization at a much faster rate than any other species in the universe. As soon as the Space Dragons had the means to travel into space, they immediately sought to colonize nearby planets. Their crowning technological achievement (as well as their last) was the development of warp travel, becoming proficient at harnessing its potential. This eventually allowed rogue Space Dragons to eventually make contact with humans and share the fruits of their knowledge, and warp travel spread afterwards. Unfortunately, such actions would lead to conflicting views within the Space Dragon society, and a civil war ensued that would not stop until their planet's very destruction.


Highly proud but mostly secluded, the Space Dragons made sure their technology would not be shared with other races they could potentially come in contact with, for fear of abusing said technology.

Space Dragon society is led through monarchy, ruled by the Jerzembeck royal family, the very same one that established Space Dragon civilization in the first place. Ventris was suspected to become the next ruler to the dynasty, but the civil war crushed those dreams.


Space Dragons consumed what they called Judendliche, which made up 60% of their diet. The 40% is consuming a liquid they named Bräu, a highly addictive substance that consisted of their main drink of choice. Ventris has stated that teenage girls taste very similar to Judendliche, and Bräu tasted suspiciously like human alcohol.

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