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This wiki is more or less a hub for the Anime Uber Elitist members to flex their creative minds and write  whatever's on their mind (or add their own 'mockart'), having fun while they do so. Just one major rule that everyone has to abide by in this wiki: NEVER write about yourself. We believe it's more fun if someone else gets to write about whatever background story they can come up with about you. Or anything at all. It doesn't have to be an IRL thing, it can be about pretty much anything you want. Be mindful about what you write though; this wiki is about silly, dumb but [mostly] positive thoughts and harmless jokes, not insults!

Except for AngelsArcanum; he's just being a squirrel. :3

On certain occasions, we also like providing critical insight into less than commendable aspects of specific works that are widely overlooked by the means of irony and satire, of course.

Enjoy the wiki, and don't forget to visit our club page!

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