A trio of gangbangers originating from Southeast Asia formed initially because they share a common first name, but eventually began to try to take over the world opium trade. It was abolished by Amberleh and shortly reinstated to handle the smuggling of Utena Pixie Dust all over the Uber Elitist Kingdom.

Group Members

Dietmango, Ducat_Revel, and SSC_Exin consist this enigmatic trio; the general public speak of them as they were an urban legend, not knowing that some of their fellow members are part of it.

Current Missions

The David Trio operate from numerous, remote sweatshops, making them hard to track down and their patterns unpredictable. It was only when Amberleh successfully busted one of their drug operations and blackmailed them to do her bidding; by handling her Utena Pixie Dust trade. This mysterious substance is used to recruit brainwash innocent girls she sees have "potential" to be Precures. To make people's kokoro go dokidoki.