The sacred realm of the Feminist Fangirls, where Amberleh resides.


No official records exist in St. Uber that say anything about this pristine paradise; its exact location and what it really looks like is shrouded in legend.

Little do they know that it is only accessible to a specific group of Uber female figures; Princess Emmrys is one, unbeknownst to her subjects. By reciting a specific chant written by Amberleh herself, it opens the door to the Amazonian Paradise. The person is said to feel warmth and comfort that cannot be experienced anywhere else. A group of angelic mahou shoujos are said to greet the new guest and whisk them away to Amberleh's palace, where they are given massages, tea, cake, and signed prints from Amberleh herself. The Feminist Fangirls spend their days talking about Sailor Moon, Precure, Utena, and cooking up their master plan to eradicate the Alpha Males® once and for all.



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