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This page contains everything you would need about the Uber Elitists' made up words, memes, and special events that happened since the club's inception. Enjoy, everynyan.~

Uber Neologisms/Memes

  • "Hello, everynyan."

- It has become the unofficial introductory greeting for Uber Elitist livestreams that would feature commentary from participating club members.

  • Condom Zeppelin

- Originated during the Steamboy livestream and uttered by ForgoneReality. During the movie's climax, a huge zeppelin appeared on screen, and one of the users described it as being "like a condom." ForgoneReality then exclaimed/typed in 'Condom Zeppelin' shortly after.

  • Throat Slitting

- Originated during the Tokyo Marble Chocolate stream. Participating members voiced their complaints about "nothing happening" in the OVAs, in which dietmango said (as if yelling at the male main character of TMC) to "SLIT HER THROAT ('her' being the main female character)" in all caps. The phrase and other variations of it have regularly been used by dietmango, acknowledged by other members, as well as associating it with the former since.

  • Donkey Rape

- Also originated during the Tokyo Marble Chocolate livestream, but was mentioned by Nickienator. He has since become known as The Donkey Rapist.

  • JOHJ

- One of the most prominent terms used by many Uber Elitist members as a sarcastic way to describe black people. The term came from Terra ForMars, a sci-fi manga that featured mutant, humanoid cockroaches as the inhabitants of Mars, while emmissaries from Earth try to combat this threat. The manga itself has been described as xenophobic against a particular race, a fact that the members not only occasionally bring up to accompany the term itself, but to acknowledge that the manga takes itself way to seriously instead of being satirical about its xenophobia and Japanese nationalism.

  • The Plebeian Squirrel

- It was originally called '[insert AngelsArcanum's real name here] the Plebe,' and other variations such as 'The Canadian Squirrel' or 'The Bishounen Squirrel.' This title was initially used to describe AngelsArcanum's supposedly "plebeian" tastes in film, having never watched any classic films such as One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and American Beauty. The squirrel bit came from a shoujo anime called Brothers Conflict, in which the Uber Elitists decided to role-play into the various characters to make the anime "less boring" overall; AngelsArcanum was cast as the talking squirrel in the anime, much to his dismay. Angels has been the butt of many jokes since then, with a 90s OVA called Nineteen being the most recent one (see BOYS BOYS BOYS).

  • Female Stronghold

- The term 'female stronghold' was an actual line by one of the characters in the violent 80s OVA, Violence Jack. It is seldom used by some members.

  • Cipher

- Cipher is an 80s OVA that followed a sort of a 'mockumentary' style of presentation to it basically being more akin to a very long music video. The 40-minute long anime featured licensed songs from artists Phil Collins ("Against All Odds), Deniece Williams ("Let's Hear It For The Boy"), Kenny Loggins ("Footloose"), and Thompson Brothers ("Kamikaze"); the OVA was made as an homage to fans of the manga. The OVA was met with a divisive reception, but actually gained a fairly strong cult following within the members of the club. It also has been jokingly used as a mandatory watch for new Uber Elitist club members. Cipher is also notable in the club for garnering the most members in a single Uber livestream to date, which was 19.

  • Teddy Bears & Sharpies
  • "Episode 4 of Mad Bull DOES exist, AngelsArcanum."
  • Amber's Fanfiction
  • Fairy Kisses
  • Hombros
  • dtea spak is tingh
  • "Emm, did you fart?"
  • Eve the Ecchi
  • Emmrys hates dietmango
  • Mr. Nipples
  • "Quick, smell Yaya's panties!"
  • R.I.P. Neane
  • 8/10
  •  #handanal
  • Nidhoeggr 11™

Special Events

Special events are reserved for Uber Elitist livestreams, which are mostly spontaneous in nature.

  • Amber sings Cardcaptors opening theme
  • dietmango sings "CHA LA HEAD CHA LA"
  • Forgone and dietmango's duet of "A Whole New World"
  • Amber, Forgone, dietmango, and other sing One Piece English opening
  • Uber Elitists sing "Hakuna Matata"
  • Two Uber Idiots and a Feminazi watch... video series
  • My Little Mango Can't Be This Cute - reaction to OreImo S2 Specials
  • Two Feminazis (Amberleh and ihateeveryone) watch... video series