They say the worst of the worst are imprisoned in the Uber Dungeon. It is a living hellhole, a massive complex with an indomitable defense system, weaponized on behalf of The Almighty Führer.


The Uber Dungeon's sole purpose is to imprison the most notorious anime criminals in the entire universe, all infamous for bringing trash anime into existence. The penalty for such a heinous crime is life in prison.

Living HellholeEdit

Uber Dungeon is infamous for the way it treats its prisoners. Every morning they are doused in gasoline and set ablaze for hours at a time. When the fires finally go out, they are thrown into a tub of hydrochloric acid for their daily bath, forced to eat nails and their own feces for breakfast, elevenses, lunch, dinner, supper, and midnight snack, forced to have gay buttsecks before they go to bed, and when they do go to bed -- well they don't actually have a bed. They're just left underwater until they drown. When a prisoner is near death, they simply throw them a Phoenix Down and they're revived half of their health. Then their throats are slit, and left to hang inside a box coffin (buried underground at least 9000 meters) until they run out of air. It makes Ninja Planet look like paradise compared to Uber Dungeon.

No one has been able to handle the job of Uber Dungeon Warden, except for Ventris, and he conducts this routine to perfection every single day.

Known PrisonersEdit


Japanese Santa

Anime whores with Z cups

Fake Anime Jesus