Valkyrion is the Uber Elitist Club's "Everlasting Loli" because for all his years of infinite wisdom, is forever stuck in a loli body from an unfortunate 'accident' inflicted by ZetaZaku. Don't let his tiny body fool you; within his loli, gender-bender exterior lies a dormant power waiting to gush out of its glorious vessel. That...sounds so wrong in so many ways.



Skills and Abilities

Valk can transform from loli to a majestic Valkyrie to herd lost souls into Valhalla, where he also resides and rules, with Odin as his chosen slave. This transformation has also earned him the title "The Italian Valkyrion." Because of ZetaZaku's torturous experiments, Valk is the first ever being to successfully wield the Spear of Longinus and has been his weapon of choice into battling the plebeian undead of the marshlands. Valkyrion's mode of transportation is a bright, pink Unicorn/Pegasus hybrid that can teleport him to any dimension he wishes. Because of Valk's body, he is immortal, because each passing birthday his body reverts back to the previous age a year before.

Valk can also transform into a Vampire Loli, relying heavily on other people's blood to sustain his everlasting loli youth. Valk can only transform into this form once every 69 months, so whenever he does, he goes on a blood binge until the next possible time he can.


In Everlasting Loli form:

HP: 100

Attack: 15

Defense: 7

Special Attack: 30

Special Defense: 8

Speed: 5

In Italian Valkyrion form:

HP: 9,999

Attack: 16,000

Defense: 10,500

Special Attack: 16,000

Special Defense: 10,500

Speed: 9301993


- "You need to consider rape density."

- "Can't do without screwin' a loli or two..."

-"Fuck I want to play around tonight."

- "Playing with my imprisoned loli counts as playing with my dick at the same time."

- "pure heroine = shit sex"

- "Sluts make the best shit."