Widely regarded as the next Nietzsche and the only known distant descendant of JOHJ who was able to match Dio Brando in mortal kombat, VentusCross is just simply ihateeveryone 's loving onii-chan.


It is said when the legendary JOHJ one day disappeared from the known universe, he left a seed somewhere within the sea of galaxies. That seed would someday grow up and would become the one to defeat Dio Brando in mortal kombat and instigate an uprising against the oppressed and abused girls with glasses.

Skills and Abilities

Ventus can scout out girls with glasses in a 9999 light-year radius, a feat that made him the new and current record holder for longest distance one can scout girls with glasses in the Uber World Book of Records. He beat out the previous record holder, dietmango, who could do so in a 9998 light-year radius.

HP: ???

Attack: ??? 

Defense: ???

Special Attack: ???

Special Defense: ???

Speed: ???


- "Technology can't bellydance."

- "I hope there was lotion. It isn't a GayCon without lotion."

- "Glasses, yanderes, and old Sega games are my sustenance. You couldn't hope to beat my record." (to dietmango)