Mythical being forged by the joining of the great Zeta Gundam, and the plebian level Zaku, by some unknown laws of energy and physics, created a great pleb destroying being capable of eating the tears of 200 plebs in one go. 



Skills & Abilities

Zeta's experiments have bore fruit to very terrifying results, most notably his squad of Unbreakable Zeta Machine-Dolls. These puppet assassins are the deadliest of the deadliest in the universe, and have caused havoc in millions of plebeian towns. Watch out: these dolls are also moe as hell, which is part of their big bag of tricks to woo the very ignorant of masses and slit their throats silly. These Unbreakable Sex Dolls can also have sex and make babies and have produced much of Zeta's Unbreakable Machine-Doll army for centuries.


HP: ???

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Special Attack: ???

Special Defense: ???

Speed: ???

Spirit Bird

ZetaZaku's spirit bird is a Golden Pheasant, as a result of his experiments with his Unbreakable Sex Dolls that manifested itself as Gundam Pheasant. The former is considered a symbol of sexuality in some parts of the world, which makes sense to Zeta's ultimate creation(s). It is unknown how Zeta activates this spirit bird to aid him in battle, but it is suspected that you'd have to touch the right Sex Doll in order to summon the Golden Pheasant spirit bird.


- "I hope all anime burn."


- "Only pussies run away. Real men take the hit."

- "These fat guys and their hammers..."

- "I can't take two hits at the same time; my body just breaks..."

- "Love is getting kicked in the balls by something, and still loving it."

- "She makes my dick feel really empowered."

- "I just appeared to talk shit about furries and DA."

- "Oh shit, aliens."

- "Oh shit, tentacles."

- "No! Tentacles!"

- "At least the tentacles are down."

- "Nothing is more satisfying than beating Ninja Gaiden while pooping."

- "You just bite the whole thing. Try to fit it all in your mouth."

- "Nothing beats some boiling pee."

- "I mostly main midgets."

- "Best kind of waifu. Constantly wet and doesn't speak."

- "It's like if Chinese had diarrhea."

- "Hurts my heart that I'll never play with a pirate loli."

- "Time to enter the rape dungeon."

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